2 x Haxnicks GIANT Easy MIcromesh pull-out Easy Tunnels

£59.98 £58.00

TWO Giant Pull-out Micromesh covered tunnel cloches

I use these to cover newly planted veg plants and to fend off rabbits and pigeons   AND The mesh size is small enough to keep out pests such as leek moth, aphids, whitefly, flea beetle,  carrotfly too Easy to adapt to fit  your needs.

Can be used for a single or double row of many crops up to a height of 45cm, the galvanised steel hoops and tough Micromesh cover which is attached to the hoops, makes them easy to use time and time again.

Really simple and quick to use, the one-piece design opens out like an accordion and folds away easily after use.  Drawstring ends to ensure complete protection.

Dimensions : L: 3m x W : 60cm x H :45cm

**You will be sent TWO tunnels)**

Micromesh cover has areally tough yet ultra-fine mesh size of 0.6mm x 0.6mm, which is small enough to keep out Cabbage Root Fly,leek moth,  Carrot Fly, White Fly, Onion Fly, Flea Beetle, Vine Weevil and Aphids and others.  At the same time they allow air and moisture to circulate.