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I'm thrilled to be introducing a selection of great gardening products, take a look and see for yourself

Protect Your Plants

It’d be great if growing veg was always straightforward, but believe me, you’ll often benefit from a helping hand!
This category has some of my favourite products to help you to protect your plants from the ravages of both pests, and the weather.
Some great growing tunnels, frames and cloches will, between them, help to provide a barrier to pests and that bit of extra protection from the weather.

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Good Growing

Whether it is things to help you raise great crops yourself, or to allow you to grow those vegetables, herbs and fruit with maximum success, you’ll find some of my favourites here. Tunnels, cloches and frames for a bit of extra humidity or warmth, a great raised bed kit to make veg growing easier on trickier sites....and more besides.

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Great Gardening Extras

There are some other things that I’d find it hard to garden without. And some totally non-essential (but very appealing!) garden accessories that I find hard to resist too! So, in this category I'm including some of my favourite must-have items, plus a selection of signed copies of my books, and our new ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’ boxed gift sets, comprising an attractive gift voucher card and great gardening gift....and more besides.

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