Veg Plants for September-Planting Collection, all PEAT FREE


The ‘Winter Thru’ Spring Collection is back! Seven types of autumn planting vegetable plants . UK grown in peat-free compost. Accompanied by regular advice emails. Dispatch mid September.


I’m pleased to be re-launching the Winter thru Spring Collection of GYO with Pippa Greenwood. Once again we have a lovely selection seven different UK-grown vegetable plants. Now we have gone totally PEAT FREE. The packaging is all paper and card as before, so very much compostable too!

**The plants will be dispatched week commencing 13th September accompanied by approx monthly advice and tips emails.

**Grown for us in Lincolnshire in peat-free compost. The nurseryman has produced fantastic plants for us in trials this year, using wood-fibre based compost.

**Perfect way to keep your veg plot in use over the winter months!

My  Winter Thru’ Spring Collection comprises:
*Tatsoi ‘Green Coin’                   5 plants
Beautiful dark green leaves with a startling white mid-vein, in a compact rosette. Very hardy and with a mouth-exciting mild mustardy flavour which gets stronger as the leaves mature. Delicious in stir-fries, soups or braised…or shredded in salads.
*Cabbage         5 plants
A classic cabbage, medium sized  with a pointed head. It is  particularly quick maturing with a delicious flavour. Smashing lightly steamed, braised or in salads
*Purple Sprouting Broccoli ‘Cardinal’                  5 plants
Lovely fresh spears, perfect for harvesting in the spring, just at that time when there are fewer home-grown vegetables available.
*Japanese Onion ‘Element F1’ 10 clutches of plants (approx 50 in total)
A very early overwintering onion. Perfect for supplying the first crop of globe-shaped bulb onions. Ready before maincrops are ready to harvest.  Good resistance to bolting too.
*Salad Onion ‘Starlight’         10 plants
The best variety for overwintering. Producing an extremely tasty and early crop of delicious ‘spring’ onions in mid- to late spring
*Radicchio ‘Amaranta’               5 plants
A compact head of stunningly coloured leaves to add serious excitement to salads and cooked dishes.
*Rainbow Chard 5 plants
Well known for combining stunning good looks with culinary versatility. Can be harvested as baby/teen leaves this year. Given a bit of winter protection it’ll be ready for larger scale harvesting next year too!

All of these plants for just  £39, including regular advice & tips emails.

**Please Note: Unfortunately, we are unable to send live plants, including these, to Northern Ireland. I’m  so sorry!**