Use Scale Nematodes to control and naturally protect your plants from scale insects.

Controlling Scale Insects naturally with Scale Nematodes 

Used to control and naturally protect your plants from scale insects as soon as they are spotted. It can be hard to spot the scale insect, but signs to look out for include a yellowing of upper leaves, a clear and sticky substance (honey dew) on the lower leaves, and a sooty mould on the plant. The insects themselves are motionless, and you will find them stuck to both the stem and the underside of leaves.

For use both in greenhouses and outdoors. Outdoor use must be carried out when the temperature exceeds 14 degrees C. For indoor use i.e. greenhouse or conservatory, plants can be sprayed at any time of year as long as the temperature is 14 degrees C or above.

The nematodes need the leaf and stems of the plant to be moist (so that they can swim to the scale insects. Once there they produce bacteria which kill the scales. It  takes approx 12 hours  for this to happen, so the plant surfaces must be kept moist for this time.

The nematodes need to be applied 4 times at 2-week intervals for the 1st and 2nd packs, the 3rd and 4th pack will follow 3 weeks after the 2nd application. So, the 1st delivery of nematodes will contain 2 packs, apply one immediately and store the other in the fridge and apply 2 weeks  later, 2 more packs will follow 3 weeks after the 2nd application, again, using one pack straight away and the 2nd pack 2 weeks later, This means you will receive 4 packs in total.  So, in summary there will be 2 packs sent with the first delivery and 5 weeks later a further 2 packs will be shipped.

For further instructions, follow the directions on the pack.