Haxnicks Vigoroot Easy Table Garden


A great way to grow  a wide range of vegetable and herbs, or even strawberries…perfect for balcony and back yard or patio growing too…

The Easy Table Garden is a Vigoroot fabric table planter with integral self-watering system and poly protection cover – a raised bed, greenhouse and irrigation system all rolled into one!

There are 2 deep planting troughs (holds 34L of compost in 2 x 17L troughs) allowing a wide variety of container veg, salads and herbs to be grown. Plants can be out of reach of wild animals, pets and all but the most determined slugs.

The Poly protection cover provides a cosy, moist and protected growing environment for fast growing crops and is perfect if you want to get crops off tp an early start or protect them more as temperatures drop towards the autumn.

Adjustable air vents at each end offer climate control on warmer days. Vigoroot™ fabric ‘air-prunes’ the roots of plants, dramatically changing their formation and their ability to sustain the plant in a limited volume of compost.

How much compost do you need: Takes 34L of compost in 2 x 17L troughs..
Dimensions: W80cm x H1.15m x D33cm

What is Vigoroot?