Grow Your Own Gift Card – Pack of Ten – now PEAT-FREE !


The easiest way to grow great vegetables, with my at-your-elbow weekly advice. Perfect for the newbie gardener BUT we also have lots of returning experienced customers who like the quality of the plants and the weekly updates.

Buy this as a gift voucher or gift card now  and select what you want to grow nearer the time. If you give this as a gift, the lucky recipient can make their own choices about what to grow.  We can send a stylish gift card to the recipient direct, or to you if you’d prefer to hand it over personally. Just make your preference when you buy.& state Gift CARD in the order notes section at the checkout.

Price includes P&P for card and vegetable plants.

**Choose the crops you want to grow  (and eat!) from the range we offer (no irritating pre-determined ‘choices’ ).
*UK-grown, garden-ready plants  sent out in mid-May.

*Plants now raised in peat-free growing media
*I’ll email you regularly with timely tips and help. From pre-planting advice through protecting, supporting, feeding, pinching out, watering and, of course, keeping pests at bay.
*I grow the full range myself so I know what is REALLY happening each week!
*Advice right through until harvest time…with best ways to tell when to harvest, and how to harvest for biggest crops and longest cropping period.

Just choose the vegetables you’d like to grow from all the delicious options below. Veg will be available to select from  November 2022, voucher with your unique voucher code will dispatched  very promptly:

*Cucumber ‘Femspot’ x 3, productive, tasty & reliable cucumber.3 all-female plants Greenhouse only. PLUS  Melon ‘Sweetheart’ x2, Charentais  type, aromatic golden flesh, 2 Plants, Greenhouse only.

*Runner bean ‘Firestorm’ x 10 plants. Stringless & tasty, Self pollinating, so great pod set, 10 Plants (2 5-cane wigwams) 2m2 needed

*Tomatoes ‘Super Marmande’ x3.Grow  Outdoors or  Greenhouse. 3 plants. Massive, sweet beefsteak fruits. PLUS :  Tomato ‘Sweet and Neat’ x2.Grow in patio pots, outdoors or greenhouse. 2 plants. Sweet cherry tomatoes, 30cm tall plant.

*Tomatoes ‘Sweet Aperitif’ x3. Grow in Greenhouse or Outdoors.3 plants. Large trusses of really sweet cherry tomatoes. Plus: Tomato ‘Roma’ x2. Grow in Greenhouse or Outdoors. 2 plants.Fleshy, almost seedless plum-tomato

*Calabrese/broccoli ‘Ironman’ 5 plants. The best broccoli I’ve ever grown – tender and very tasty and easy to please. 5 plants, allow 45cm between each.

*Beetroot ‘Pablo’ 10 plants. Very sweet, uniformly round rich red roots.10 plants  (1.5-2m row), tasty & pretty border edging! Lasts well without becoming woody, open ground or container

*Courgette ‘Defender’ x3, plus butternut squash ‘Hawk’ x 2. Heavy cropping, tasty courgettes x 3, allow approx 80-100m2 for each. PLUS   sweet-fleshed squash x 3, allow to scramble (or climb). Sunny spot. Can be grown in large containers.

*Sweet pepper ‘Redskin‘ x 3,outdoors in a sheltered spot or in a greenhouse, plenty of medium-sized fruits  plus Chilli ‘Quick Fire’ x 2. Perfect in patio pots

 *Climbing French bean ‘Blue Lake’ 10 plants. Very tender, stringless, gorgeous tasting.Open ground or 45cm3 containers.Ten plants (two 5-cane wigwams) 2-3m2 needed

*Sweetcorn ‘Swift’ x16. Superbly sweet, tender, succulent crops. Earlier cropping so more reliable in  UK summers. 16 plants, grow in a 4×4 plant block, total approx 1.5m2.

*Leek ‘Jolant‘ 10 plants. Very early cropping, vigorous with a lovely mild flavor. Ten plants (1.5-2m row). Use as baby veg or harvest full-size in August

*Onion ‘Sturon’ 10 cells (40-50 plants)Fantastic flavor, forms large bulbs. Open ground is best. 10 cells (40-50 plants).Good bolt resistance, store well

*Indoor or Outdoor Tomato ‘Sakura’  5 plants. Superbly tasty and heavy cropping, really good variety. 5 x plants  Great in pots of open ground.

*Sugarsnap pea ‘Delikett’ 10 plants. Really sweet,, perfect for eating whole when the pods are young and tender.  Ten plants, approx 1.5m row, support with twiggy sticks. Perfect for patio pots.

*Lettuce ‘Cosmic’ x5, ‘Little Gem’ x5 and ‘Lollo Rosso’ x5. Selection of delicious tender & tasty lettuces – long season cropping. Open ground or container. 15 plants, five each of Cosmic, Little Gem & Lollo Rosso