Easy Fleece Plant Jacket – Medium (Pack of THREE)


Medium Easy Fleece Jackets are perfect for protecting hanging baskets and medium-sized container plants from early or late frosts.

Width 80cm(31″) Height 1m(3ft3″). Three jackets per pack

Easy Fleece Jackets are quick and easy to use and give your plants instant protection from frost and other harsh weather.

Simply pop the jacket over the plant and secure with the integral drawstring around the base. It is so easy to fit these, remove them and then re-fit when the weather demands….far easier than faffing about with metres of fleece and pegs!

Made from high-grade 35gsm polypropylene fleece, they let through light and moisture maintaining healthy growing conditions, and the natural-green colour makes them unobtrusive in the garden.

Each pack contains THREE Medium Easy Fleece Jackets

Also available in small and large sizes.

Helpful Haxnicks hint: in very cold conditions, double up and use 2 jackets over your tender plants.