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'Snail Park' by Sarah Lucas

'Snail Park' by Sarah Lucas

Third in this series of books for 5-11 year olds

Snail Park :
The third book in the madaboutsnailbook series, Snail Park is a  mystery that will test the friendship of 9-year old best friends and fellow detectives-in-the-making, Amy and Charlie.A trip to the dentist turns into a nightmare for Amy.  Then someone sends her a mysterious letter in the playground.  It warns of a protest against the children’s plans to set up a Snail Park at school.  But who has sent it – and why?
Head Teacher, Mrs. Snout, is busy arranging a design competition for the snail park design.  It’s taking over her life (whether she knows it or not). But there’s more bad news: her secret facelift seems to have gone horribly wrong.  Under pressure,  she begins to lose not just the shape of her face, but the stability of her mind.  It’s left to Jack and Amy, with a little help from Bill Bracket, to overcome the villagers’ attempts to stop the building of the park.
But the giant African land snail, Old McSlithers, doesn’t help.  He’s up to no good in his shelter down on the playing field, plotting his own escape.  And when new girl, Laura Crust, suddenly begins to show too much interest in him, Amy’s brain goes into overdrive. And just who is Laura’s half-brother, Travis and why does he look so familiar?
With the help of Year 5/6 teacher and boy band enthusiast, Mrs. Twizzle, Amy and her friends uncover something even more sinister than a village protest against the Snail Park: a plot to steal the snail – but notall of him!  Yikes!
Amy stumbles from one crisis to another. Can she triumph in the end? What happens to Mrs. Snout? Can she pull herself together at the last minute and pitch in to save what is left of her school?  It’s a nail-biter all the way.
Snail Park is suitable for parents, teachers, grandparents and carers to read to children of five and over, and for older children to read for themselves.

*158 pages
*15 black and white line drawings.  
*Illustrations by Amy Verena Lucas and Henrietta Hellard
*Short chapters

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