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'Snails don't Burp !' by Sarah Lucas

'Snails don't Burp !' by Sarah Lucas

Book suitable for 5-11 year olds

'Snails don't Burp!' The sequel to 'Snail Trail' by Sarah Lucas.

The second book in the madaboutsnailbooks series, Snails Don’t Burp! sees detectives-in-the-making, Amy and Charlie, setting off on another adventure. But it ends in near-disaster.
An American film producer wants to make a movie of the girls’ amazing discovery high up on Zig-Zag Common.  But the girls believe that the massive mollusc, Old McSlithers, belongs to them.  They found him, didn’t they?  Setting out to protect him from the public, they turn down the money their own families so desperately need and refuse to sign the contract. Instead, they decide to hide the snail.  But just where do you hide a snail the size of a four storey-building?  A school trip provides the answer.
In all the chaos, new people move into the village.  A mysterious trail of glitter begins to appear all over the fields.  The new people start acting weird.  Their own mystery deepens.
There are boys plotting against each other, a school trip to a monastery, a massive falling out between friends and some double-crossing.  Then, when things look like they couldn’t get any worse, Old McSlithers falls desperately ill.
Can the girls make up in time to save the snail? Can they discover what is making him ill?  Does Old McSlithers have a future? Snails Don’t Burp! is full of twists and turns.  Stay with it to find out the gripping – and unexpected – conclusion.

Suitable for parents, teachers, grandparents and carers to read to children of five and over and for older children to read for themselves......and I have to admit that I too enjoyed it!

*132 pages
*16 black & white illustrations by Amy Verena Lucas & Henrietta Hellard
*Short chapters

*PLEASE DO let us know if you'd like your copy of this book dedicated and/or signed by the author - it'll make it even more special ! Just write  your request in the 'Details' section when purchasing*

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