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Mealybugs on your houseplants?

Mealybugs on your houseplants?

Cryptolaemus loves eating mealybugs. 10 larvae supplied.

The problem:
Mealybugs are a serious (and insidious!) pest of many greenhouse, house and conservatory plants - they seem especially fond of cacti, orchids  and vines...and hoyas too but just about anything may become infested.
The tiny off-white to pinkish grey critters are to be found huddled together, often in leaf axils (leaf joints) on soft stems and on leaves.  Each individual may be up to 4-5mm long and I always think they resemble miniature woodlice, but different in colour and covered in white fluffy waxy fibres.
Mealybugs feed by sucking plant sap and can reduce a plant to near-death rapidly, often sucking cacti dry and leaving just a husk! It was the damage they did to my cactus collection when I was a small girl which made me hate them!! Basically they wiped them out. My feelings have not changed.
They are usually brought into a house/conservatory/greenhouse on a new purchase or plant gift....but soon breed and build up rapidly.
As they feed they also produce lots of honeydew so create a sticky mess, soon to be colonised by black 'sooty moulds'

The solution:
A ladybird beetle, originating in Australia, which can be introduced and will get to work fast, thrive and breed as long as light levels are high enough and temperatures are 16C or more.  Both the adult Cryptolaemus beetle and its young are voracious predators and consume large numbers of mealy bugs - the adults can fly and will go in search of the pests which you and I may find hard to spot as they are often hidden away in hard to spot places.

Ideally the predator Cryptolaemus beetle should be introduced as soon as you spot the pests. Just place the Cryptolaemus beetles on the plants, near to the mealybugs and let them get on with it. Swift and silent and very effective as long as there is plenty of light and temperatures are 16C or more.
PLEASE NOTE : the young Cryptolaemus look amazingly similar to the mealybug pest, just rather larger, so don't get a shock when you receive your parcel from us!!

Far more appealing than using a chemical!

Ten Cryptolaemus larvae are supplied.

**ECONOMY PACK of 25x larvae also available for heavier infestations or larger greenhouses/conservatories**


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