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Soft-Tie 'Original' AND 'Slim'

Soft-Tie 'Original' AND 'Slim'

8m 'Slim' AND 5m 'Original' Soft-Tie, the soft-option for tying in plants, make a saving with this double-pack.

This stuff is brilliant  and with this double-pack of 'Original' PLUS 'Slim'  Soft-Tie you not only make a considerable saving BUT also ensure you always have the best size to hand!
7mm is great for training, tying in and supporting fruit bushes, trees and canes, climbers, roses and other shrubs. The central core of rust-proof galvanized steel 'wire' is seriously strong but gentle for plants as it is covered with a unique UV-stabilised rubber dense, foam-like compound, making it soft, with a bit of 'give' and so dramatically reducing the chance of chaffing or other damage to stems, branches etc.
Soft green, unobtrusve colour means it does not stand out. The design and materials used mean that it is tough yet flexible, strong yet soft and durable.
The 'Slim' 3.5mm diameter is perfect for lighter-weigh jobs such as tying in tomatoes, herbaceous perennials etc

You will receive : 1 x roll of 7mm diameter and 5m long
 PLUS 1x 3.5mm diameter roll  8m long


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