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Ladybird larvae (x100) plus release bag

Ladybird larvae (x100) plus release bag

Ladybirds & their larvae are great predators of aphids,including cypress aphid on hedges etc

The two-spot ladybird (Adalia bipunctata) is a British native and natural predator of aphids (greenfly and blackfly). Each ladybird can eat up to 5,000 aphids in its lifetime...and of course goes on to lay eggs which hatch into larvae which are ALSO voracious aphid predators..and so the cycle continues! The great thing about them is that they 'seek and find' the aphid pests, a sort of aphid-specific guided missile!

Ladybird larvae do not resemble their parents at all (see picture) .
No doubt you have ladybirds occuring naturally in your garden, but by introducing more , as adults or larvae, you can dramatically increase the great work that they do...and with no risk to humans, pets or wildlife (except aphids!!)

You may have been troubled by aphid pests in trees and shrubs, eg the dreaded cypress aphid which causes such a lot of basal browning of cypress trees. This option allows great control of this insidious pest as you will also be sent a small natural-fibre bag into which you place the ladybird larvae, then hang the bag in the tree or hedge.  Allow 100 larvae in one bag per tree with a trunk diameter of up to 20cm, or one bag of 100 larvae per 10m run of infested hedge, positioning one bag every 10m.

We can send ladybird larvae  out between May and August, you can order them now as a pre-order, pre-order will begin week commencing 11th May, but remember you should only send off for your ladybird larvae when you know there are already aphids about.
You will receive 100 ladybird larvae (NB these are the native Adalia bipunctata NOT Harlequin ladybird larvae!!) plus one natural-fibe release bag.
Ladybird larvae should be released onto infested plants either early in the morning or in late evening.

**We are also able to send out adult ladybirds

** dispatch is always as soon as possible but when demand is high, although we always dispatch as quickly as possibe, it may be 7-14 days**

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