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FOXwatch ultrasonic fox deterrent

FOXwatch ultrasonic fox deterrent

Ultrasonic devise to help keep foxes out of the veg plot and away from hens, guinea pigs etc

FOXwatch is a UK made ultrasonic deterrent that I've been using at home, using the mains adaptor, to help protect our lovely hens. If you've got hens too, or small garden pets such as guinea pigs or rabbits read on...and if you're at your wits end with fox faeces in the veg plot, flower borders or on the lawn, read on.....if you're not too keen on dog faeces in your garden, read on too :

Detection area :this nifty device detects  fox movement and body heat within a radius of 40ft within an angle of 100 degrees.
It is ultrasonic so  produces sounds inaudible to the human ear but unpleasant for foxes,  deterring them from a distance of up to 60ft away from the device.  As soon  as the fox enters the protected area it is detected by the infra red sensor and  the ultrasonic alarm is  sounded but once out of range, the alarm ceases.

Each FOXwatch device  :
Protects up to 1,350 square  feet  of garden
Is UK made and has tough, high-impact  casing
Withstands weather extremes (from -30 C to +60 C)
Is very easy to  install - comes with a positioning stake for use in grass/soil or has been  designed so it can be fixed to the base of a post of fence  using a nail.
FOXwatch will not disturb wildlife such as hedgehogs, rabbits, frogs or birds.It is audible to domestic dogs and these will also be deterred - but, however much you may love your dog, you may well want to keep your veg plot free from dog faeces !
Using a mains  adaptor prevents the effects of a flagging battery and increases alarm by  30%.
Comes with a 30ft 12volt bell wire, but 10m extension lead is also  available.  The low voltage bell wire cable  can be used outside  safely.

***For maximum power and range use with the optional   mains adaptor kit (see separate item), alternatively use 9v  battery.

**10m extension cable also available (see separate  item)


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