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Raspberry Beetle Funnel Trap (SINGLE) Assembled M87

Raspberry Beetle Funnel Trap (SINGLE)  Assembled M87

Fed up with maggoty raspberries? This trap lures the beetles to their death, reducing numbers and allowing you to monitor pest levels!

Maggoty raspberries are the bane of my life...or should I say WERE?! This ingenious trap designed, it's said, to look like a massive raspberry flower (?!)  and  is used in conjunction with a lure to attract the adult beetles. They fly towards the white vanes, fall headlong into the fluid-filled base. The rest is history.The traps were originally used to monitor beetle levels so allowing more accurate and less wasteful use of chemicals.  You can still use them in this way, once upwards of six beetles are trapped within a 7 day period, a suitable spray can be applied. 
I use them as an effective way to reduce the number of adult beetles and hence the number of maggots later in the year.
*Suspend the trap about 1m above soil level and  close to the raspberry canes.  Traps should be in place 4-6 weeks before  the first flowers appear and throughout the main flowering period - this generally means April through to July.
*The attractant lure lasts approximately 6 weeks, replacement lures are also available.


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