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Fungus Gnat (sciarid fly) control

Fungus Gnat (sciarid fly) control

Control outbreaks of fungus gnats (sciarid flies) swiftly, silently and naturally

The Problem : 3mm long grey-brown slender-bodies flies that fly slowly, often in zig-zags close to the compost or soil surface, or run over it.  The larvae are whitish maggots up to 5mm long, each with a distinct black head.  They live in compost or soil and feed on organic matter - mostly debris, fungal strands and decaying materials, but they may also attack the bases of soft cuttings or seedlings. Mostly hated for the fact they're infuriating on houseplants and plants being raised on window sills! Can be a problem on houseplants throughout the year.

The Answer :  A sciarid fly killing nematode solution. Just mix the nematodes with water and drench the infested pots and/or trays.  Each pack is sufficient to treat 15 square metres of compost (ie surface area of pots/trays, so that's a lot!)  Can be used all year long in greenhouses, conservatories and in houses, but on plants outside restrict use to spring and summer.
Will not scorch plants or seedlings and is totally safe to use on plants living in the same place as humans and household pets!
Pack contains approx. 16 million nematodes

NB : If you have used chemical pesticides in the  greenhouse/conservatory/frame/house the residues they may leave may harm the  beneficial creatures you are introducing ! Please Note :
*Chemicals such as soaps,  fatty acids will kill beneficials if applied to them but once dry it is safe for  them to walk
across treated leaf surfaces.
*Pyrethrum - Will kill  beneficials if applied to them  and lasts about 3 days on treated  surfaces.
*Neonicotinoids (imidacloprid, thiacloprid, etc.) These are very  persistent and adversely affect a wide range of creatures, even if used as a  soil drench rather  than a spray they become systemic and will poison  predators eating pests  that then feed on treated plant.


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