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Aphid (greenfly and blackfly) control

Aphid (greenfly and blackfly) control

Control aphids in greenhouses, conservatories or on house plants with this nifty parastic wasp!

The Problem : Aphids (greenfly and blackfly) feed by sucking plant sap, in the process weakening the plant, often causing yellowing, distortion, poor crops and sometimes also spreading virus infections.  Their sugary excreta (honeydew) may coat plants in the area and then encourage the growth of black sooty moulds.

The Answer : Aphidius, is a tiny parasitic wasp that's good at sorting out both heavy and light infestations of these common pests.  Best used under cover of a greenhouse, conservatory , coldframe or on houseplants - simply because this way they can avoid the vagaries of the UK climate such as heavy rain!
Best used between spring and autumn, requires a temperature of at least 10C 
You will receive approx 500 little wasps/mumified(parisitsed) aphids (and believe me they are tiny and also harmless to anything other than aphids!) in a tube, ready to release onto your aphid-infested plants.

The Aphidius wasp lays a single egg into each aphid, this develops into a larval Aphidius which then kills the aphid promptly, keeds off it and then the adult wasp hatches out and continues the good work. So when you see rigid,greyish mumified aphids, look after them as the next generation of wasps will hatch out of them! (see picture)

NB : If you have used chemical pesticides in the  greenhouse/conservatory/frame/house the residues they may leave may harm the  beneficial ones you are introducing ! Please Note :
*Chemicals such as soaps,  fatty acids will kill beneficials if applied to them but once dry it is safe for  them to walk
across treated leaf surfaces.
*Pyrethrum - Will kill  beneficials if applied to them  and lasts about 3 days on treated  surfaces.
*Neonicotinoids (imidacloprid, thiacloprid, etc.) These are very  persistent and adversely affect a wide range of creatures, even if used as a  soil drench rather  than a spray they become systemic and will poison  predators eating pests  that then feed on treated plant


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