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Red spider Mite Control (x1000)

Red spider Mite Control (x1000)

Control red spider mites on your plants in greenhouses, conservatories or on house plants using this speedy predatory mite

The Problem : Glasshouse red spider mite.  These sap sucking tiny pests are , despite their name , a greenish yellow colour with two dark blotches of their backs. You usually need a magnifying glass to spot them beneath the plant leaves and causing tiny flecks on the leaf, which, in extreme cases turn bronze-brown, crispy and then die.  There may also be silken webbing present.  Red spider mites love hot, dry conditions and hate wet feet.

The Answer : The tiny reddish orange, fast-moving predatory mite Phytoseiulus which will rush about infested plants and eat all stages of the red spider mite, from adult through juvenile and even the eggs. **AVAILABLE NOW**
Minimum temperature required : 10C (50F) and the beneficial mite prefers fairly high humidity. Only suitable for use in greenhouses, conservatories and frames, or on houseplants
You will be sent a colony of approx. 1,000 Phytoseiulus predatory mites in a tube, just sprinkle on infested plants and let them get to work!
** (Larger, economy pack of 2,000 predators also available)

NB : If you have used chemical pesticides in the greenhouse/conservatory/frame/house the residues they may leave may harm the beneficial ones you are introducing ! Please Note :
*Chemicals such as soaps, fatty acids will kill beneficials if applied to them but once dry it is safe for them to walk
across treated leaf surfaces.
*Pyrethrum - Will kill beneficials if applied to them  and lasts about 3 days on treated surfaces.
*Neonicotinoids (imidacloprid, thiacloprid, etc.) These are very persistent and adversely affect a wide range of creatures, even if used as a soil drench rather  than a spray they become systemic and will poison predators eating pests  that then feed on treated plant.


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