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Pop-up Poly-house (GPP125-04)

Pop-up Poly-house (GPP125-04)

Pop-up polyhouse with roll-down door, great for tomatoes

Pop-up clear polythene polyhouse literally pings into shape as soon as you need it and is then easily secured using the metal ground pegs supplied.
Good sized roll-down 'door' allows plenty of ventilation, and easy access for harvesting.
The clear polythene will help to provide warmer conditions making it great for growing not only tomatoes but also peppers and even aubergines, to name but a few.  Will also help to provide protection again tomato blight infection by reducing the risk of spores landing on tomatoes grown inside. The warmer conditions will also help to allow crops to be planted out sooner, and to carry on cropping longer/later in the season.
Roomy enough to easily take two growing bags (great used in combination with the 'Growing Bag Frame' available from the 'Great Growing' section) or lots of  good-sized pots or planters packed full of crops.

Comes complete with metal ground pegs and fold-away bag.

Size : 1.25m x 1.25m x 1.35m


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