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Pippa Grenwood's Gardener's Year (Seasonal gardening tips)

Pippa Grenwood's  Gardener's Year (Seasonal gardening tips)

My latest book, signed especially for you

A properly pocket-sized hardcover book with monthly reminders for jobs to do in your garden. I've divided each month into 'early' and 'late', so helping to make the advice timing more accurate, and each of these sections is divided into 'Edible', 'Ornamental' and 'General', making it easier to find the tips you need.
Each month also includes some monthly specials eg seasonal pests and problems, top-plants-for certain situations and just so you can make it all the more personal to YOU, there are pages each month where you can add your own seasonal comments and reminders (perhaps favourite varieties to sow, how many courgette plants you actually need etc etc!)
I had fun writing this book and the publishers, Summersdale, have turned my words into a truly attractive book, great for a gift or for yourself!

rrp£9.99, but I'll sign your copy and still it costs only £9.00


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