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Pippa's gardening news and advice contains articles on how to Grow Veg, Growing Veg, Veg Seeds, and Veg Plants.

Grow your Own Broccoli and Calabrese

31 July 2010
If you've struggled with growing your own vegetables like broccoli or calabrese, 'Ironman' is THE answer!


Potato Blight Alert

19 July 2010
If you grow your own vegetables including potatoes and outdoor tomatoes, watch out ,the weather in many parts of the country (and sadly in my own garden) is perfect for potato blight infection.


Hose Pipe Ban hits Grow Your Own

08 July 2010
Growing your own vegetables? A fan of any sort of Grow Your Own, or indeed simply growing your own plants of any sort? Then the new hose pipe ban that comes into force on 9th July in the North West of England, could wreck havoc in your garden


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