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Yucky, Maggoty Apples?

30 April 2015

Maggoty apples? Sometimes a little distorted and with a discoloured hole on the outside and tunnelled inside, full of discoloured flesh and gritty brown stuff  and then a plump 'maggot' on the inside? This sounds like codling moth attack and just to make it all the more appetising, I'll now also tell you that the gritty brown stuff is actually the 'maggot's' frass or droppings!
Codling moths can be a real nightmare and their caterpillars (the 'maggots' in the apples) have the potential to devastate a lovely harvest of apples.  So what can you do?
If you install a Codling Moth Pheromone trap now it will help to lure the male codling moths to a very sticky end.  The traps come with a sticky base plate to catch the male moths and a pheromone pellet. This pellet mimick the material produced by a female codling moth so effectively that the male moth  is lured in to the trap. The more you catch inside the trap, the fewer males there will be about to mate with the females....and that means fewer 'maggoty' apples later this year.
You can find out more at www.pippagreenwood.com/products/protect-your-crops 

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