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Mycorrhizal Fungi for Improved establishment at planting

23 April 2015

Encourages great establishment & growth for trees,shrubs &other garden plants

Much research has shown the huge benefit of using mycorrhizal fungi such as RootsBoost at planting and transplanting. These fungi form a symbiotic (mutually beneficial) relationship with the plants' roots.
This particular mix contains 18 different species of endo- and ecto-mycorrhizal fungi, plus biostimulants to make the effect as good as you can get!
So what does RootsBoost do?
*RootsBoost increases the surface area of the plants' root systems, so improving their ability to take up nutrients and water, even when conditions are difficult.
*RootsBoost increases the root mass.
*It can be used to great effect for plants in open ground/garden soil or in pots and planters
*The mycorrhizal fungi and biostimulants it contains  improve establishment after transplanting/planting, improve general vigour and increase the plant's ability to do well even when conditions are far from perfect!
*Mycorrhizal fungi appear to reduce the effects of Rose Sickness/Rose Replant Disorder

I'm so pleased to have found a supplier for this....Happy Planting!
Available in 250g & 500g re-sealable pouches.

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