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Unique Christmas Gift, Grow Your Own and signed book

19 November 2014

This year we've added a special Christmas Gift to www.pippagreenwood.com As you know, I've more than a passing interest in Grow Your Own and love encouraging people to grow their own vegetable plants and harvest great crops. So I've put together a great Gift Package, available exclusively from www.pippagreenwood.com
Each consists of a stylish 'Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood' gift card, two packets of my special vegetable plant seeds, Nantes carrots and mixed lettuce PLUS a signed copy of my book 'Gardener's Year'. I'm happy to add a dedication in the book too, if'd like.
Just select the Veg Pack size you want to buy and we'll do the rest...Grow Your Own is great gift at any time and with the potential to grow some great vegetable plants with my at-your-elbo advice, its a fun and useful gift too....and all the more giveable with the seeds and book too!

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