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Winter Moth, grease bands and glue bands...what do you need ?

19 October 2014

Do You need Glue Bands?!

There is still time to prevent winter moth damage on your fruit trees (and many other deciduous trees and shrubs) with glue bands. The yellowy green caterpillars feed on the foliage between bud burst and early spring, bind leaves with silken threads, eat fruit blossom and attack fruitlets,leading to badly mis-shapen fruits later on.
The  female moths are now  emerging from pupae in the soil. Luckily these females are very unusual in that   they cannot fly and so rely on being able to crawl up the trunks in order to lay their eggs on the branches. Get glue bands in place 60-90cm above soil level and you can, literally, stop them in their tracks! So no climbing moths means no eggs which means no caterpillars hatching out in the spring!
A brilliant solution to an age-old problem, we have 3.5m rolls of glue band, complete with string to hold them in place,  so you can cut it to fit the individual trees and shrubs, made from water proof paper and non-toxic, non-setting glue. They need to be installed ASAP, we have the good-value size pack  available for immediate dispatch  at www.pippagreenwood.com/products in the Protect Your Crops section. 


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