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Vegetable Plants can help with the Grow Your Own Catch up!

13 March 2014

I'll happily confess that I have got a bit behind with my vegetable plant growing this year - it was SO wet that I simply couldn't get started as early as usual. If you're like me then don't feel bad about buying yourself some great garden read vegetable plants to get your new grow your own year of to a flying start.
We offer a gorgeous selection of some of my favourite varieties of some of the nation's best-loved vegetable plant varieties. YOU choose which you want to grow and we then send them to you at the right time for planting out - usually very late April into early May, depending on the weather and the growth stage of the plants.  It is called Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood and what makes it unique is the weekly emails I'll write to you telling you what needs to be done. The emails are full of advice and tips and are custom-made to the particular vegetable plants you have chosen.  I know what is really happening as I grow the entire range of the vegetable plants we offer in my own kitchen garden....so I know when things need supporting, pinching out, feeding, extra watering.....or are suffering or likely to be under attack from a specific pest, disease or other problem.
For the full range available and pricings (all very good value for gorgeous quality plants...let alone all those non-nagging emails!!) just visit
www.pippagreenwood.com/grow-your-own and place your order either for your self (why not?!) or as a stylish gift card for a friend

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