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Leatherjacket alert, they're attacking lawns early!

12 March 2014

We've all noticed the unusually mild winter and needless to say, as well as the earlier than usual crop of daffodils (pity those poor cut flower growers!!) we're now getting reports of leatherjacket damage on lawns.  These pests, the larvae of the daddy-long legs or crane flies eat the roots of the grasses and cause miserable dead and dying patches on lawns.
Generally control is best timed for the April and then autumn but it is worth using Nemasys Leather Jacket Killer now to kill off these early emerging pests, with a repeat application at the usual time. Use it is you have found the grubs either beneath the grass or on the lawn surface( if you water the lawn well, cover with black polythene over night and then check the surface in the morning the grubs will be there) and temperatures are above 10c in the soil....likely to be the case now in many areas
This nematode produce is brilliant and totally safe for wildlife and pets whilst also being very efficient. 
We have it ready to dispatch to you in the products section of www.pippagreenwood.com just go to New Products and then into the Protect Your Crops Section....and save your lawn from attack !

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