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Ladybirds to the Rescue!

10 February 2014

Whether you are  a massive grow your own vegetables fan, or a flower garden fanatic, there are aphids (greenfly and blackfly) that are likely to trouble you....sucking plant sap, causing distortion and weakening, covering everything with their sticky excreta called honeydew....which later gets colonised by black, sooty moulds...uuugh!
This year I'm please to let you know that we will not only be offering the Aphidius biological control (a tiny parasitic wasp) but also a range of ladybird adults and larvae for release into your aphid-infested garden plants!
With each ladybird estimated to eat about 5,000 aphids in its lifetime, they make a fantastic control and, as we only send out the native Adalia bipunctata (the lovely two-spot ladybird) its all very natural too!
We are also offering 100 ladybird larvae plus a natural fibre release-bag, providing the perfect way to install ladybirds in trees and shrubs (or hedges) under attack from aphids.  Perfect for launching an attack on the dreaded Cupressus aphid which causes so many brown-at-the-base cypress trees and hedges.....for more information just click through to the 'Protect your crops section of www.pippagreenwood.com/products 
Aphids can be ordered on pre-order NOW but will be dispatched from May to August ie when you are likely to have suitable aphid problems!

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