So what’s it all about? And what do you need to do?

First vist www.pippagreenwood.com/grow-your-own and take a look :

All you have to do is Choose the crops you want to grow from the range we offer (no irritating pre-determined ‘choices’ ) so all veg you’ll actually want to eat!.

*Garden-ready plants (see above) sent out in mid May.
*Every week I’ll email  with timely tips and advice, your email is tailored to the veg chosen. From pre-planting advice through protecting, supporting, feeding, pinching out, watering and, of course, keeping pests at bay.
*I grow the full range myself so I know what is REALLY happening each week!
*Advice right through until harvest time...with best ways to tell when to harvest, and how to harvest for biggest crops and longest cropping period.
The new additions are:
*Cucumber ‘Femspot’ x 3, plus melon ‘Sweetheart’ x2
*Runner bean ‘Firestorm’ x 10 plants 
*Tomatoes ‘Super Marmande’ x3 and ‘Sweet and Neat’ x2
*Onion ‘Sturon’ x 40 plants
*Tomatoes ‘Sweet Aperitif’ x3 &’Roma’ x2
These new arrivals join the existing favourites:
*Calabrese ‘Ironman’ 5 plants
*Beetroot ‘Pablo’ 15 plants
*Courgette ‘Defender’ x3, plus butternut squash ‘Hawk’ x 2
*Sweet pepper ‘Redskin‘ x 3, plus chilli ‘Etna’ x 2
*Climbing French bean ‘Blue Lake’ 10 plants
*Sweetcorn ‘Swift’ x16
*Leek ‘Jolant‘ 10 plants
*Indoor or Outdoor Tomato ‘Sakura’  5 plants
*Sugarsnap pea ‘Delikett’ 10 plants
*Lettuce ‘Cosmic’ x5, ‘Little Gem’x5 and ‘Lollo Rosso’ x5

The plants are gorgeous quality, all especially grown for us in Lincolnshire, UK and all tasty good-performing varieties Very keenly priced indeed….and of course no one else offers a weekly tips and advice service!Plants will be dispatched approx. mid-May.