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Ever wanted to grow your own great tasting, super-fresh vegetables and herbs, but never quite managed it? The solution is simple: the unique ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’ system.

Make Vegetable Growing Easy

Just choose the crops you'd like to grow (with a little help from me if you need it!), and then, at the perfect time for planting, the young plants you selected will be sent to you (beautifully packaged).  I’ll email you each week, with all the advice and tips you need - talking you through choice of site, planting, spacing and exactly what you need to do, how and when.

My emails are tailor-made to include information only on the crops that you select, so there's no need to waste time pouring over things you don't need to know! Whether it's when (and how) to pinch out, how to support, water and feed the plants, how to deal with pests or simply when to harvest, my at-your-elbow advice will be there for you. Helping you to get the best possible results, with the minimum of fuss and the maximum satisfaction and enjoyment!

How it works...
Add your choice of package to your basket, checkout and pay for the package you have selected. Once your payment is authorised you will receive an email with your unique GYO Voucher code, return to this page and click the "Redeem your GYO Voucher here" button to the right and follow the easy steps to select your vegetables and confirm your details.

Gift Vouchers...
The process is the same for the 'Grow your Own with Pippa Greenwood' gift voucher which makes a perfect present. What better way to encourage friends and relatives to grow a fantastic crop of tasty vegetables and herbs? My at-the elbow advice will help them through the whole process from planting to harvesting. All you have to do is decide on the most suitable package size (see below) and then we’ll do the rest! We will send a beautiful gift card voucher either direct to the recipient (you can specify the message you would like us to include), or we can send the voucher card to you if you would like to hand it over personally. The card will have a unique voucher code, allowing the recipient to select precisely which crops they want. hover here to see the Gift Voucher

Check out the different packages on offer below, and choose the correct quantity for your plot.
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What you get

What you get

Available Vegetables, Your Choice !

  • Tomato 'Sakura F1' AGM
    Tomato 'Sakura F1' AGM
    • Superbly sweet, tasty, heavy-cropping cherry tomato.
    • Containers, garden or greenhouse.
    • Five plants. 45-60cm2 of garden space each.
    • Outdoors and best suited to warmer, southern areas.
  • Climbing French Bean 'Blue Lake'
    Climbing French Bean 'Blue Lake'
    • Very tender, stringless, gorgeous tasting.
    • Open ground or 45cm3 containers.
    • Ten plants (two 5-cane wigwams) 2-3m2 needed.
    • Long cropping period.
  • Beetroot 'Pablo' F1 AGM
    Beetroot 'Pablo' F1 AGM
    • Very sweet, uniformly round rich red roots.
    • Fifteen plants (1.5-2m row), tasty & pretty border edging!
    • Lasts well without becoming woody, open ground or container.
  • Sweetcorn 'Swift F1' AGM
    Sweetcorn 'Swift F1' AGM
    • Superbly sweet, juicy, tender cobs - earlier than most.
    • Grow together in a block.
    • Sixteen plants. Total area 1.5m2.
    • Choose a sunny, sheltered spot.
  • Calabrese/Broccoli 'Ironman F1'
    Calabrese/Broccoli 'Ironman F1'
    • The best broccoli I have ever grown.
    • Wonderfully flavoured, massive heads.
    • Garden/container. Five plants, 45-60cm2 per plant.
    • Easy to please and very hardy.
  • Sugarsnap Pea 'Delikett' AGM
    Sugarsnap Pea 'Delikett' AGM
    • Gorgeously sweet pods, perfect eaten whole when young.
    • Shelling when more mature.
    • Ten plants. Approx 1.5m row.
    • Vigorous, heavy cropper.
    • Support with twiggy sticks.
  • Lettuce Collection
    Lettuce Collection
    • Selection of delicious tender & tasty lettuces – long season cropping.
    • Open ground or container.
    • 15 plants, five each of Cosmic, Little Gem & Lollo Rosso.
  • Courgette 'Defender', Squash 'Hawk F1'
    Courgette 'Defender', Squash 'Hawk F1'
    • Heavy cropping, tasty courgettes.
    • Sweet, buttery-fleshed squash.
    • Allow squash to scramble.
    • Three courgettes. 75-100cm2 per plant, two squash.
    • Prefer a warm spot. Garden/containers.
  • Sweet Pepper 'Redskin' F1,AGM & Chili Pepper 'Etna'
    Sweet Pepper 'Redskin' F1,AGM & Chili Pepper 'Etna'
    • Medium-sized juicy sweet pepper, elongate hot chili peppers.
    • Container or warm garden. 
    • Three sweet peppers, two chili peppers.
    • Sunny, warm spot outside or greenhouse in cooler areas.
    • Perfect in patio pots.
  • Leek 'Jolant'
    Leek 'Jolant'
    • Very early cropping.
    • Vigorous with a lovely mild flavor.
    • Ten plants (1.5-2m row).
    • Use as baby veg or harvest full-size in August.

1. Choosing the right package

Choose whether you'd like packs of four, six, or ten crop-types. Choose your favourites and make sure you think about how much space you have!
All prices shown below include VAT.

2. Gift Voucher

Do you wish to receive the Grow Your Own as a Gift Voucher ?
You will receive a lovely gift voucher card. This allows you to personally give it to someone or we can send it to someone on your behalf.
IF YES above. Where would you like to send the Voucher? (you will provide address details at checkout)

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